Written Examination


  • Cancellations to take the written examination must be made to CCAA within fifteen (15) days of the scheduled date otherwise the examination fee will not be refunded.
  • The written examination will be supervised and proctored by either CCAA or its delegate, Yardstick Testing Inc.
  • Examinees will be allowed two (2) hours to complete the examination.  Examinees that arrive more than fifteen (15) minutes after their scheduled appointment time will not be seated.
  • Examinees will not be permitted to bring anything into the examination including but not limited to cellular phones, photographic devices, video or audio recording devices, and programmable digital assistants.
  • They will be provided with scratch paper, pencil, pencil sharpener, erasers, a current unmarked Criminal Code of Canada, a current unmarked provincial/territorial Child Welfare Act, one bottle of water, a box of tissues, and a clock in the room.
  • Examinees must provide a valid ID with photograph issued by federal, provincial, or local municipal authorities. Examinees who fail to provide acceptable identification will be prevented from testing.  The examinee will attest to his or her identity and agree to comply with CCAA testing rules.  Examinees that fail to do so will be prevented from testing.
  • The examination supervisor (invigilator) will ensure that Form 1400, Examination Adherence Consent Form is signed.
  • Examination rules will be read out loud by the invigilator.
  • Examinees who experience technical difficulties during their exam are required to wait at least thirty (30) minutes before departing the testing centre.  After 30 minutes, if the problem is not resolved, Yardstick will work with CCAA to determine the available retesting options available to the examinee.
  • Examinations will be gathered by the invigilator and returned to CCAA.
  • Examinations will be marked by the Lead Examiner.
  • Examinees must obtain a mark of 69% to pass the written examination.
  • Examinees are notified within 30 days of the examination whether they passed or failed.
  • The candidate will receive results of the written
    • examination using Forms 3100/3200 (Written Examination Results Form Pass/Fail).
    • Examination scores are confidential and will not be disclosed unless the Professional Standards Board (PSB) receives a written request to do so from the examinee. CCAA will publish the names of all individuals who have passed the examination and are credentialed on the CCAA web page under registration of members.
    • Certification Administrator files the original examination; plus marked examination.

Download Form below:

CFCI-F1400-Examination Adherence Consent