Renewal Form & Fee

The Certification Maintenance Form (Form 475) will be sent to individuals on or about January 15 or July 15, followed by reminders on Form 485, Certification Maintenance Reminder Form – One and Form 486, Certification Maintenance Reminder Form – Two.

In order to serve the needs of the public and be in good standing with CCAA, CFCI professionals must meet the following annual requirements by submitting:  Form 475, Certification Maintenance; Form 2100, Personal Conduct Declaration; an updated Form 700, Code of Conduct Adherence for Certified Forensic Child Interviewers; Form 1100, Continuing Education Form documenting 18 hours of Continuing Education; Two peer reviews on Form 2000; and a fee payment on Form 1500, as per Document 1575, Fee Schedule.

Download Forms below:

CFCI-F475-Certification Maintenance Form (Annual)
CFCI-D1575-Fee Schedule Document
CFCI-F1500-Fee Payment Form