Public statement on complaint and appeal processes

The CCAA Board of Directors in conjunction with its Professional Standard Board (PSB) is responsible for all decisions in the appeal handling process within CFCI certification.   CCAA’s Certification Scheme Committee (CSC) is responsible for all decisions related to complaints and disputes.  CCAA treats complaints and appeals as important sources to identify opportunities for improvement and taken preventative actions.

Any complaints,  disputes and appeals related to CFCI certification policy; procedures;  certification process; , outcomes;  report or logo use; confidentiality; or performance of candidates, certificates or employees shall be investigated and verified through the relevant procedure and affirmed whether it is valid. The handling process will be impartial and non-discriminatory.  The investigation and handling process should be subject to requirements for confidentiality.

CCAA will receive written complaints or emails to the attention of Alice Gifford (Certification Administrator) at OR PO Box 42066, Acadia Postal Outlet, Calgary, Alberta, T2J 7A6