Fee & Application

Applicant Self Referral and Application

The applicant will submit an Application Portfolio consisting of the following forms:

  1. Form 300, Application
  2. Form 700, Code of Conduct Adherence for Certified Forensic Child Interviewers
  3. Form 2925, Training Completion Form OR Form 1300, Equivalencies Approval for Forensic Child Abuse Training
  4. Form 1500, Fee Payment Form
  5. Form 2700, Reference Form  – TWO reference forms must be submitted directly to CCAA from those completing the reference and not with the Application.

If the applicant has the required pre-requisites and completes the required forms with submitted payment, he/she will receive Form 150, Acknowledgement of Certification Application.  A receipt generated by the automated registration system is sent directly to the participant. An electronic copy is retained by CCAA. The applicant will also receive a copy of Document 325, Candidate Certification Requirements Handbook.

Should the applicant have special needs to be accommodated, he/she should contact Alice at aliceg@ccaa.org to obtain Form 2800, Special Accommodation Request Form and Form 1250, Documentation of Special Needs Form, for completion.

Upon receipt of the completed references (provided directly from the references themselves to CCAA), there will be one follow-up contact made to the reference by the Lead Examiner or delegate using Form 2725, Reference Form Diligence.

If the Application Portfolio has been completed in its entirety, and the references are positive, the applicant will be notified of his/her acceptance with Form 100, Acceptance into Certification Process or the decline of the applicant with Form 1225, Decline of Certification Application.

Application and Candidate Certification Requirements Handbook below for download:

CFCI-F300-Application for Certification as Certified Forensic Child Interviewer (CFCI)

CFCI-D325-Candidate Certification Requirements Handbook