CFCI Maintenance

After CFCI certification is obtained, it must be maintained through an annual certification maintenance process in order to use the CFCI designation.

CCAA offers a certification maintenance program with the intent to assist CFCI professionals in keeping updated about changes affecting professional child abuse practice.

Certification maintenance requires meeting the ongoing conditions of professional practice specified by CCAA and also involves providing the information necessary to satisfy the conditions of ongoing certification.

In order to serve the needs of the public and be in good standing with CCAA, CFCI professionals must meet the following annual requirements by submitting:  Form 475, Certification Maintenance; Form 2100, Personal Conduct Declaration; an updated Form 700, Code of Conduct Adherence for Certified Forensic Child Interviewers; Form 1100, Continuing Education Form documenting 18 hours of Continuing Education; Two peer reviews on Form 2000; and a fee payment on Form 1500, as per Document 1575, Fee Schedule.

Certification can be maintained providing there are no findings of unethical or inappropriate behaviour warranting the withdrawal of the designation.  Form 2100, Personal Conduct Declaration and Form 700, Code of Conduct Adherence for Certified Forensic Child Interviewers must demonstrate no indication of wrongdoing.

Anniversary dates for certification renewal will be March 1 or September 1, depending on one’s original certification approval date.

The Certification Maintenance Form (Form 475) will be sent to individuals on or about January 15 or July 15, followed by reminders on Form 485, Certification Maintenance Reminder Form – One and Form 486, Certification Maintenance Reminder Form – Two.

A late fee of $100 will apply to registrants who are more than two months late in submitting their maintenance application and fees.